Top 5 SG’s

Top 5 SG’s

Name them if you can , im in desperate need of this knowledge

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JR should be somewhere in the top 5


TMAC, Ray Allen, Lavine, Kobe/DeRozan, JR

Once B-Roy drops then it’s probably// TMac, Ray Allen, B-Roy, Lavine, Kobe/Derozan

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Other options :+1:t2:


I’ve got PD Lavine as my bench SG. PD tmac starts for me.

Really liked diamond Kobe and diamond MJ when I had them.

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Question for the squad , what’s 97 PD Shai like is he any good

much better at pg because of his hof playmaking badges

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I need a partner for Ben that can shoot lights out , and I unfortunately can’t afford TMAC

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Dr. J needs to be on here, idk if just not that many have him or what

dr j a good card, it’s just for SG theres way better options and his lack of range extender hurts him at the 2

reggie lewis basically does the same thing dr j does for you

Dr is so much better defensively for me, i use both

Dr J gets passed up easily by other SGs. No Range Extender keeps him from being an elite shooter and only Gold Clamps keeps him from being a top tier defender. Someone like Kobe offers HoF Clamps along with Gold Range Extender. Then Ray, TMac, and soon Roy will all have Range Extender and Clamps HoF.

Now that BTB is patched, no real reason not to use Granger for a cheap-o option (40k). Shot is smooth and he’s huge at the 2. Carter is a solid option too.

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Vince has to be in there

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J.R. >>>>> Lavine, Kobe and DeRozan

Just all the ones I’ve used so no lock ins


Paul George

My current favorite is definitely Reggie Lewis. Dudes not as glitchy as some, but I bomb with him, he dunks on everything, and can hold his own defensively.

In comparison to other cards, he has a slightly slower release than the rays and tmacs, but it’s the easiest to green with that I’ve used.