Top 5 OP cards (released or not)

What would be your top 5 most OP possible cards that could be released based on animations, stats and etc ?

Limited Kareem

*released only

Opal Giannis
Opal Hakeem
Opal KD
Opal LBJ
Opal Magic

PG: 99 Giannis
SG: 99 Kevin Durant
SF: 99 Thon Maker
PF: 99 Kristaps Porzingis
C: 99 Kevin Garnett

All with BC boosting shoes and D’Antoni.

I’ll go by positions.
PG:Opal Magic
SG:PD Tmac
SF:Opal Lebron
PF:Opal KD
C:Opal Hakeem

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Same as every year… MJ, TMac, Magic, Giannis, Curry, LeBron…

You guys don’t know about Pete, just wait till he gets a diamond, Pete will end people’s lives #cantbeatmypete


I think Tmac will get a Opal , pack seller for sure 6’8 cheese pd with 85 strength

Pistol This year could be a beast at PG


PG: GO Jimmer Fredette
SG: GO Markelle Fultz
SF: GO Anthony Bennett
PF: GO Darko Milicic
C: GO Greg Oden

You already know if Tmac gets an opal it’s over

I’m just ready for his 96 post fade :muscle:t4:

But but bro that’s cheese. All you and Awanz do is post fade :joy::joy:

Did you tried Manu? he is very similar to him, and INSANE

By then the game will have been over for a month or so, just like with last year’s PD.

I’m gonna say it. RUBY MO PETE. This card is still unbelievable…If he gets a Diamond or even an Amy watchout.

Diamond Ralph Sampson with base 11

Look Tmac usually drops around March. Or at least that’s what happened with the Diamond last year and the diamond the year before that

Reported. Don’t give them ideas


Really hope Jimmer gets a card

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