Top 5 NBA players for 2019-20 season

Top 5 NBA players for 2019-20 season

5. Anthony Davis

4. James Harden

3. Stephen Curry

2. Giannis Ante…

1. Kawhi Leonard

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Agreed 100%

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  1. LeBron
  2. Davis
  3. Kawhi
  4. Giannis
  5. Embiid/Simmons
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How can LeBron be the best player in the world when last season he won only 50% of the game he started and missed the playoffs?

I agree

Because its a team game, he was partly to blame but injuries played a huge role.

What was ADs record last season?

I like your list, we are talking about next season and that’s why last season is irelavant

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I understand that it’s a team game but half of the teams make the playoffs so I don’t think that it’s excusable. after his injury he still had chance to get to the playoffs but he lost must-win games to teams like Clippers, Hawks etc.

AD - he literally quit on his team at the start of the season so for me his last season was irrelevant

This list is so bad. Curry Giannis aren’t top 3 players. Imagine thinking Kawhi the best player in the world.

So quickly they forget about LeBron…

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These were post injury a groin injury is better recovered from with a take longer approach.

LeBron gets a lot of praise but nobody in the history of the nba has taken more criticism than him, your list is good but not having him on it is rediculous.

Steph has a chance to prove he can carry a team this year, he is also arguably the greatest shooter ever but he does not belong on this list until he can carry like kawhi did last year

LBJ average 28 7 7 last year, not a top 5 player?

In terms of NBA season I’m taking him over Kawhi no question.


He is trolling

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Kawhi coasted the whole regular season

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Agreed, but he carried in the playoffs, he was injury lucky in the finals but performed at a good level over the post season.

I wouldn’t put him above Bron but credit where credits due

Curry too high

Lebron wouldn’t have lost games to a Warriors team without Klay & KD. Facts







Man seeing the year he was born upsets me, I can’t believe how much younger he is than me. Looking at him it feels like it should be the other way round

I’m pretty sure Steph is going to average like 38 a game this year… just saying.

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