Top 5 most underrated Cards in Myteam

Hey guys,

Looking to make a video on some of the most OP cards in the game that no one is talking about. I could give my opinion only, but I hate it when youtubers say a card is a beast and they’ve never even used it. I’ll rank mine below, 1 at each position so there’s a variety of options to choose from; leave me your list in the comments and I’ll try out as many as I can and make a video ranking my favorite suggestions from this thread and give you a shout out if you want one. There’s not much talking going on on YouTube videos about many of the cards except the big cards, so don’t feel like you can’t say evolution Landry shamet. I bet 90% of the people that have him, still setting on ring Klay Thompson that’s value every day!

Oh and one last thing!
*Amy or below I’m not to diamond board yet!

PG) Ruby Charlie Ward Multidimensiobal evolution. Best 10kmt I’ve spent this year, just sniped one fully evolved.

SG) Brian Winters Amy Token: top 5 releases I’ve used this year, decent on defense.

SF) Corey Magette Ruby Token: basically Vince Carter that can play SF unlike the starter pack one.

PF) Wilt Chamberlain ruby : looks and feels like the opal from last year! Yes he has the fro! I don’t ever remember seeing pf on his card, but this is the perfect card to combo with Amy Magic at center.

C) Swen Nater ruby token: best big man release I’ve used this year, a lot like kevin love or Christian leightner last year, greens everything inside the 3 point line.

Honorable mentions: emerald Isaiah Rider, Sapphire laundry shamet, Amy Thurl Bailey


Who’s Christian Leightner lol

My #1 underrated card so far is definitely Darrell Armstrong, I’m still on Saphire but that man’s killing it

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I have been loving my Armstrong, Frye (just got to amy), and also enjoyed the Bryant Reeves just for kicks haha

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Bill Russell:

Exceptional speed lets you get tons of block and contests, because if you user him you will get to a lot of places other bigs would not, lets you constantly beat slower bigs on the fast break. Got a great badging which helps him cover tons of ground, not a whole lot of people use him, but i love this card and use him as a back up to my Gilmore.


Dude, I bought a ruby one, cuz it was only like 18k and I was only 1/3 the way to evoing sapphire and the card came over halfway evo’d to amethyst!

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I’m about to pick him up next! I’m on the Amy board.