Top 5 most athletic players of all time

Skill isn’t a factor, but reaction time, and coordination is

5: westbrook

Insane speed/accept good strength, and good coordination

4: Shaq

Just incredible strength and size, and great speed coordination and agility for someone that huge

3: Jordan

Cat like reflexes, great first step, massive vert, and very fast, great coordination, and insane hands for his size

2: LeBron James

Strength, speed, hops, he’s elite in every athletic category

1: wilt chamberlain

Like lbj but bigger and stronger

Baynes, Aron


I feel like Dominique Wilkins deserves an honorable mention at the very least


Giannis is number 1 on my list

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He has a top 5 basketball build, but I’m not sure his overall athleticism is better than any of these guys

Thon Maker x 5

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Even though I can’t see your picture due to region, I’m sure it’s photoshopped if Baynes looks less than spectacular

now you see?

  1. LeBron

  2. Bill Russell

  3. Derrick Rose

  4. Jordan

  5. Giannis or Shaq

No wilt at all

No mention of Vince Carter yet?

He’s athletic, but not top 5

I only wanted one guy from that era. I’m going Bill.


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That’s one handsome man

Vince is probably the best in-game dunker of all time

  1. Shaq, we will never see a player of his size that was that fast ever again
  2. Mj
  3. wilt
  4. Lbj
  5. Westbrook/rose, imo both players are of the same mold, difference is rose got hurt