Top 3 Post-scoring big men of all-time

Let’s talk post moves here, some of the greats really dominated the game in the post with high IQ, efficiency, and technique.

I would go : 1 : Hakeem, 2 : Kareem , 3 : Duncan. This is highly debatable since McHale had so much game in the post.


Kareem, wilt, hakeem

Edit: Oop i read post scoring in my head not post moves, remove wilt lol

Hakeem and Kareem for sure

3rd I’m not too sure

You really could put Shaq there if you’re gonna say Wilt

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Can’t go wrong with those 3 and McHale definitely deserved the mention. They called him the man with a thousand moves for a reason.

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  1. Hakeem

Pretty much the Consensus #1

  1. Shaq

Kinda the opposite of Hakeem style wise, but still an insane inside force

  1. Kareem

His back to the basket game could be 3 ft away or 15

I understand shaq can easily be top 3 but you can hack him and he was often on the bench in end-games.

Who’d you put over him

Well the guys I mentioned above ^^

But I get your point, except by hacking Shaq, there is nothing you can do once he is in the post

I wouldn’t put Duncan over him, Shaq was more efficient on higher volume.

Mchale was good/great in the post but still didn’t put up the same numbers as Shaq (but did have similar efficiency).

Wilt is difficult to judge he’s my HM

If I want a clutch post bucket, call me crazy but give me Duncan

That could just be biased because of the countless times I’ve seen it live unlike Kareem, Mchale etc

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I agree with your list

If I need someone to score in the post, I take Kareem

Hakeem has maybe more moves, but Kareem’s hook is just too good.

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Yup most unstoppable shot ever so yeah i get it you can put him numero uno

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It’s all opinion, Shaq is one of my all time favourites on and off the court.

But it depends on how you class it in my opinion. Shaq is down the list if we are talking moves/finesse/footwork but he was an absolute force.

Kareem and Hakeem are at the top.
Duncan mchale and Mikan need a mention

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I did my list based on just effectiveness in the post

Then 100% Shaq is in the top tier conversation.

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People forget that Boban is the per 36 goat and it ain’t close

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Hakeem, McHale and Duncan had more moves than Kareem, but Kareem was just too good with his hook.
Wilt also deserves a mention, he had unstoppable fade shot, it’s just that he was such a monster and didn’t have to rely on it.

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Finesse - Hakeem, Kareem, Russel
Force - Shaq, Wilt, Howard

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