Top 10 Rubies in the game?

What are the 10 most dominant rubies in the game right now for you guys?

Klay, JR, Porzingis, Tatum, Wall. Those are the main 5 IMO.


B.Davis, Diaw, Sikma, Wall, Og, JR, Klay, Tatum, MRR, J.Isaac.

penny and theus are old rubys but they are still beasts

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In no order for me it’s

Johnathan issac
Jr Smith
Gerald Wallace
Kyle Kuzma

Dragic always excellent on the weeklies for me.
And dont forget Ibaka.

I’ve been getting a little bit bored and have been thinking about starting a new account to make a ruby only squad for super max. would be nice to experience the other side of the equalizer for once

Baron Davis and it isn’t even close! (Maybe John Wall but BDiddy is a god for an 89 overall)

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my budget ruby squad:

KG Harrington Tatum Klay Wall
Biyombo Ibaka Diaw Smith Dunn

Klay or Redd??

which would be better for 3 & D

Klay, better lat quickness and shot contest and has hof defensive stopper

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Badged out kuzma w/ a swb boost is a god

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Damn I wonder you put Biyombo in. Defense seems to be good plus with these HOF badges but he has no offense other than dunk, no middy, no post game nothing. I mean there are ruby C like Embiid, B. Lopez, Sikma and shit :grin:

Highly recommend! I’m having so much more fun with my ruby/amy team than I did with my “god squad”. If anything use one diamond and build your whole team around that player. Ruby Klay for me is so wet. I’ve never gotten so many greens.

bruh ruby klay is my bench SG on my god squad lol such a cheesy release and helps negate some of the equalizer. when all the cards have the same stats the true separation comes from great animations and tendencies

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J.R. Smith
John Wall
Klay Thompson
Boris Diaw
Jayson Tatum
Manute Bol
Al Harrington
Penny Hardaway
Kristaps Porzingis
Michael Jordan


Why are you guys putting Harrington over kuzma?

Not rhetorical

Jonathan Isaac is an insane 6’11 3 and D player, even has HOF Defensive Stopper: