Top 10 All time?

This is a hard one. I don’t know if put this in the right category, but here it’s goes.
10. Shaquille O’neal
9. Allen Iverson
8. Tim Duncan
7. Wilt Chamberlain
6. Larry Bird
5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
4. Magic Johnson
3. LeBron James
2. Kobe Bryant
1.Michael Jordan

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karl or ai arent top 10 and bron > kobe

All about opinion man

Did Hakeem and Bill Russell die?


I considered them but in my opinion Karl Malone is underrated and replaces them

If you put Bill Russell in the 90s he’s not dominant anymore


Put down the bong


my eyes… they burn


No Hakeem, Shaq or Bill? This ain’t it…

AI over Duncan hurts my soul

Bro I didnt even realize Shaq too lol

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If AI didn’t have to carry, and was actually on a team where everyone supported, then he would easily be top 10 for a lot of people

Take out AI and Malone… who gets left out between Shaq Bill and Hakeem?

That’s a tough one. Shaq is staying in and Hakeem was just a great player in the post and sometimes mid. His outside shot wasn’t terrible either, so as much as I love bill russel, I haven’t seen him play enough to the point where I have to leave him in. Bill Russell was great but he also had a great team which is why he won most of his rings. At the end of the day, it’s all about opinion

AI over Timmy d is highly questionable


Fax I should prob change that lol

Magic over KAJ as well that’s a no no

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KAJ should be 2nd or 3rd along with LeFraud

Nah. Imop magic was just a better all around player. If he didn’t have to retire this would be a completely different convo

Can you make a top 10? I just want to see who you put on there and how you rank them