TOOL - Fear Inoculum (2019)

new album just leaked, bout to give it a listen

edit: iys 8/30 album out go listen now


Woah for real?

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oooowh snap, how is it?

jimmy and lateralus are some of the greatest songs ever recorded.

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im on the 2nd track currently it’s sounding great. adam jones guitar sounds so nasty

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Maybe if they would join spotify, I’d be able to listen more often.

they recently put their entire catalog up on all streaming platforms friend.

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i’m downing it now, after i put the kids to bed, me and the misses are checking this thing out, i’ve been waiting for a (decent) album of them for ages

Oh wow you’re not kidding. That’s pretty cool cause they held out for sooo long, didn’t know they finally joined streaming.

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yep! happy third eye opening :slight_smile:

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The Pot is the best tool song ever

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too many to decide on just 1

descending :fire: :fire:

ok wow first listen complete

incredible, 13 years and they didnt miss a step.

Thank you for posting this!


I am comiiiiiing!

Tool is one of the greatest bands ever assembled. The layers to their music and the hidden meanings of the songs n i can still relate to them 20+ years later. Fear anoculum had me breaking out their old stuff and its sooooooooo good. Maynard is a wizard. Adam is by far one of the besr guitarists out and imo danny is the best drummer ive ever heard. Im glad some of you guys appreciate tool like i do. I bought aenema when i was like 13. First cd i ever bought. Been hooked ever since.


so many top 10 tool songs off aenima imo


Love the music. A little disappointed in Maynard’s vocals.

at points i agree but i mean culling voices & 7empest tho

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