Took 4 days off 2k, first game back TTO glitch lol

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Your line up and logo look familiar

Have we played in tto before?

No idea! If we have I hope I wasn’t playing while watching netflix and sucking haha. I don’t ever really check player IDs. ps4?


what was your lineup?


Sick lineup but I don’t think I’ve faced a Granger before though

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I thought I was playing you on Xbox yesterday, wasn’t sure what console you were on. The guy had your lineup and was running his offense with Kiki.

Read some of your posts about how good he is.

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Kiki is a tto Demi god

You can watch him snap that g damn 3 point release as the defenders arm starts to raise!

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I really want to try him but every time I search for him he is only avaible for bid and I am a tad bit MT poor. I could probably scrape together enough to get him if I sell some pieces.

He needs red Kyrie’s, contested 3 becomes 99

And he has an awesome dribble package