Too many good SFs. Who to keep and who to sell?

PD Paul George
PD Pippen
PD LeBron James
D AK47
PD Giannis

I just have so many options but I need to stock back up MT.


Giannis PF or PG Cheese

PD Pippen performance x value is great

D AK47 is a god

PD Lebron is great for some not that great for some

I say sell PD PG13

Bird incoming preferably at the SF or PF Spot.
Durant preferably at the SG or SF Spot.


For now I have him at PF off the bench and he absolutely kills! It’s like my secret weapon. He just runs the 2nd unit all on his own.

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I also run PF Giannis at bench with saboner he is fun and also great to use :innocent:

Why don’t you have all??

I will sell LBJ for having more MT, also PG13

I’d only sell PG13


You can run Giannis at bench C if you don’t mind that .

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For sure. The thing is I have KP as bench C and he’s been killing it. Player model is just glitchy.

When do you guys think is a good time to sell high tier cards? I’m thinking of selling Limited Wade + Tmac.

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Yeah now is the time to sell them.

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I know the prices will dip after KD/Bird, but i don’t know why I have a feeling they will go up after the crash.

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If you don’t really need the MT you can hold them.

I have 25k mt :sweat:

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Sell Paul George for sure. Also ak47 not the worst option for bench pf

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Sell Tmac and PG13.

Hold Dwade for possible duos with lebron
but minimal chance.

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If you really need MT, sell 'em all and run Billy Cunningham/AK47 until you want to upgrade again.


And you guys forgot Kawhi (which can be bought with a mere 40k mt!)


He’s like 32 right now. Price won’t go up, I want to sell my extra one.