Too many fouls in tto?

I think I fell for a deliberate tactic today. Played a game of tto just for the daily xp and came up against an all bronze team. They didn’t play or quit. They just inbound the ball and hold it. I tried to steal it a few times and I guess I fouled too many times (I didn’t know that was a thing) which appeared to give them the option of taking the win. Anyone else seen this?

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Dang G how many was it?

I dunno. It was a few though as it was frustrating just waiting for the 24 second clock to expire each time

10 fouls summons the too many penalties message

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Probably a bot or a player that doesn’t know how to script that well.

Well they got the win so how bad am I haha

Double team him, then one of your player will grab the ball. So you get ur possession instead of jump ball

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