Tony Parker lockers

Tony Parker lockers

Marbury has gold, which is great too, plus he has incredible dribble animations and dunks on everyone.

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I’ll get him eventually but I’m in no rush because the sets expensive and Roy doesnt look as good

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Marbury has 88 stamina. He can’t start.

Roy is amazing man

His dunk tendencies are too low. He goes for soft layups all game

I’m getting Lin and then will see how I feel. Roy wont start over TMac and Bird regardless

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I already have white AJ XVI prepared for him (stam/3pt/pass), he will start for me.

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Wow the early Marbury had low stamina. What a joke.

I redeemed Tony today. No ragrets, but I’m a big Spurs guy. I run him and Biceps in TTO with either Timmy or Ray Allen because I have to justify the lock.

I’m glad the French man got an opal this early. My 5 starters are Parker, Bowen, Kawhi, Timmy and Robinson.

He’s a ton of fun for me, but of course he’s small so I play a lot of positional defense with him. Penny is probably better but I was never a fan so I just use those that I like.


He’s a great card