Tony Parker lockers

Tony Parker lockers



:joy::joy: was thinking it was going to be a question about him


i knew it :joy::joy::joy:


Starbury >

You guys are crazy. I basically have every card in the game and I can score with Parker easier than any of them.

It feels like you’re shooting on rookie when you’re playing online. Anyone that has him knows what I’m saying is legit.




The only cards that compete with Parker are Walt and Arenas.


Lin looks crazy

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Nah man, TP is better, his shot is sooo wet, & his RE is better than every other card I’ve used. I’ve used them all except PD Lillard & the new PD Starbury & Parker is better than them all.

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tony parker is gonna be a top 3 point guard until 2k drops an auctionable pg with base 98

base 98 makes tony parker the best shooter in the mode, a lil inch of space and he’s making it, and even with the btb move gone, tony still has hella good signatures. that being said tho he isn’t worth 750 tokens but tony lockers aint in shamble just yet


Even fully EVO’d he’s not better than Parker.

I am winning game solely from TP right now.

Who should I take between PD kidd and lin? I don’t wanna evo both

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Lin because he has hof range

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He looks easy af too

Driving Dunk Tendency: 5

Don’t waste your time on Lin.

Does it get updated with the evos? I’m not sure if tendencies do, and he has a high flashy dunk tendency which helps alot

Probably Lin because of RE but Kidd has 10x better dribble animations.

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But why do you want one of them? Marbury is a full package…

How? Lin has HOF range extender and clamps