Tomorrow's Promo will be the WORST promo of this year

  • We haven’t gotten any news about this promo,
  • There has been no billboard in the Park about the upcoming promo.
  • They have been promoting packs the past 5 days.
  • Pack odds for the MJ packs were above average with a good number of pulls
  • There was a VC sale for both consoles recently

So yeah guys, if there is a promo, it will most likely be ass or slapped together cards that no one wants. GG

As long as it has a Ruby or Amy Rudy Gobert I don’t care.

I’m confused. Your thread title contradicts what you’re trying to say. Biggest money grab implies that they’ll be releasing cards that everyone wants to net them the most profit.


They can’t make worse than overdrive anyway XD


Ok, I can see why you thought that, changed the title

Someone pointed out there was no info on clutch closers until an hour before the release. That certainly wasn’t a flop.

All good. You’re new thread title definitely matches what you were trying to say now.

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It’s almost like they don’t want to give anything away till the last second so people keep wasting money on the MJ and Overdrive packs. If we all new that some extremely OP cards were about to drop tomorrow would any of us still be willing to open the current packs?

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Rather intelligent thought my friend.

I wonder who pointed that out? :thinking:

Clutch Closers is also the best premium collection so far.


Makes you wonder if the next pack is gonna be insanely good?!?

I want a new Hayward or Ewing. tbh I hope we get playoff updates, I really want a new Tatum

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Diamond Wilt, Embiid, Simmons, Giannis will all come soon enough.

Diamond Wilt and Diamond Bill walton are Necessities

Plot twist… no promo tomorrow

@DaNali pointed that out! I gave you credit in the other thread I mentioned it in lol.

I just want a PD LeBron then my team will be finished for the year.

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Or could be the opposite… might be a good one too

Have people spend $$$ on packs in the hopes of getting a ‘limited’ MJ…
And then release a card – such as a 98 Kobe (2010) with updated badges – that could possibly devalue MJ, making people want to spend more on packs a week later.

94 amethyst heat Chris Bosh

94 Antoine Walker

I need them… Thank you