Tomorrow's content: Supernova packs Dark Matter AK47, Dark Matter Harden + Dark Matter Magic


Gotta feeling that this set will have a decent lock-in player but who tf knows we 2ks ass anymore

Feels like very quick jumpshots are so common now, it’s quaint to think of how AK-47 was a meta god with his jumpshot not long ago.

Or is he still?

He’ll arguably be the best sf in the game.


Base 98 on VQ with a player who is often one of the best defensive players (bet has no trouble guarding Simmons). I am salivating!

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Good question, 2K.


Add Shaq to this

Apparently it’s an Invincible Shaq…. Oh dear

His jumper will probably still be his ugly usual signature jumper, that’s quite unusable for me. At least always was

Now why you shooting jumpers with Shaq? Lol

Why playing with a c without being able to shoot and spread the floor with him? At this stage of the game, where you can play a bigger c.
If you don’t want shooting from your c, then just use pd wilt

I guess different strokes. I play more of an inside/outside game and pound down low if possible l.

Oh great pf eligible as well.


Have no idea why they always give him PF eligibility…dont remember a single C that would ever share the floor with him.

It will be interesting to see how many HOF’s they give Shaq. And how rare he is if he gets a lot. Last season the first invincible cards got 61(TD/KG) and 60(Kobe) HOF badges on May 14th. However there was auctionable cards that had as many as 49 HOF’s before that.

This season has been a slower burn. Max HOF’s for an auctionable card is 29 as of now.

Dirk got 65 HOF’s, but he is the top collection reward. Giddy got 30 as the season reward.

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The thing is…they don’t. They give him PF eligibility for a couple higher end cards per cycle.

Most cards for Shaq are Center only. Only one with allowed PF so far in 2K22 is the Power Within Shaq.

EDIT: And the Power Within Shaq cannot shoot threes.

In 2K21, this was the only Shaq that had PF and C (not counting the Free Agent):

Man that Shaq card is going to be expensive. Sitting on 1.25 mill but I can sell some stuff to try and get him but I’ll be completely broke after that

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Shaq at PF and Yap at C… Chuck Dray at the 3 and good luck scoring inside again, haha

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