Tomorrow’s drop

Will it be anniversary Shaq/KD or sig series Kobe?

Hopefully Shaq. Bean is my all time favorite but I need Shaq more on my team

Kobe confirmed.

Is it

It’s gonna be opal scalabrine…:roll_eyes:


Yes. I think @YuBuuBuu posted Donnie2k’s LinkedIn post.


If it’s shaq I expect a diamond Alonzo mourning

2 centers tho??

Wouldn’t Zo be useless at this point

PD Shak with DI Penny or DI Chris Bosh just to f*^k with everyone and bring Payton and AD price down, lol.

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Mourning gonna be PD Heat throwback elite.

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Prob a Diamond Wade

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It amazes me how nobody on this site knows how to use the search function. So many redundant threads.


2k knows 3 point shooters are what drive people to buy packs, this shaq wont have a 3 ball so imo itll be a penny or wade with 85+ 3 ball in order to get peeps to buy packs

Nothing has been confirmed and everyone already saying shaq/Kobe…smh:tired_face:

Well Kobe is a joke. Shaq is highly probable. But you never know.

Its 90% Shaq. They have to hurry releasing those 20th anniversary players


Not necessarily to most god squads yes but I could him dropping

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I hate his cards because he’s never good at anything specifically. I want him to be good.

This card was good


My first diamond on NBA2K17. I had to luck to pull Shaq in the historic domination east all star player pack. It cost me around 200k to lock the set

I regretted once players like Hakeem and Kareem dropped, but for months and months he was my captain!