Tomorrow’s content


GO ALL 99 Thurl Bailey.


We getting absolutely nothing tommorow.


Could be superpacks again.

It’s been almost a full week since we’ve even gotten locker codes man.

Anniversary 3 super packs.

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GO KD on Friday!! :smile:

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Expectations: Promo or Sig LBJ

Reality: Current playoffs super packs

Gotta be a promo.

99 KD and wish him get well soon

GO KD is a must, possibly also GO AD(personal favorite)

Yep I think you are 100% right. PG13 owners gonna be in shambles tomorrow. They might do an all anniversary player super pack from all three sets. The ben Wallace trolls will be plentiful

Not if you’re locking for Shaq.


Edit: oh.

you mean the derrick roses right?

man i did not know PG was that much

If its not Thurl Bailey or Jared Jeffries idc

Sold my 98 KD due anticipation.

A new Thurl would be amazing. Maybe they juat skip to pd or opal…