Tomorrow’s content predictions

I think we will get the token market update tomorrow and we will get super packs on either Wednesday or Thursday


We’re not getting no token update anytime soon and if it is it’ll be updated GO and token reward packs no goats unless they do only token goats as of rn they’re milking the game until atleast end of July to August… I think super packs or EVO/ Dynamic Duo


Lol everyday we think we get token update we dont get shit


Well we normally don’t get super packs on Tuesday and the only reason we got them last Tuesday is because there was new players that day

Token market update is the Bruno Caboclo of 2K20.

Two weeks away from being two weeks away.


I still see super packs coming tom they want their $$$$


:wastebasket: :wastebasket: :wastebasket: is my prediction

Edit: those are trash cans btw lol


Don’t do this to yourself, man. I speak from experience.

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More superpacks.

If not superpacks then Buzzer Beaters and superpacks on Wednesday.

If not either, and it’s a Token Market, then you’re asleep and dreaming lol

If it’s not the token market, I’m just going to blow it all, F this lol.

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Diamond earl monroe locker code if we’re lucky


Kinda surprised they didn’t troll us with a PD or opal Monroe yet TBH.

But then the market is gonna update the next day. One of us has to make the sacrifice lmao

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It’s so bad that I literally sent them a support ticket about the tokens lmfao. We need help at this point.


“token market this saturday if it doesn’t happen i’m ripping all my tokens” for the past three weeks yet i still have hope. it’s like being a browns fan but worse


superpacks + locker code

Either superpacks or Buzzer Beater cards. We’ll get one of them tomorrow, and one Wednesday

Probably new Evo cards, I’m guessing

Not gonna outright predict a token update at this point, but I’ll just say that tomorrow would make sense if they were to drop one.

Otherwise I’ll say prime superpacks