Tomorrow January 10th content

I normally would never make a speculation thread like this, but I have quite a hunch.

promo packs expire tommorow leaving the perfect setup for flash packs over the weekend with a new super cheesy out of position player. It could easily be something else or nothing at all but I’m feeling good about my guess.

In my dream world, we would get glitched pg LeBron but whoever gets a glitched card out of flash packs I’m sure would be good.


I’m thinking the same thing. dreaming for a pg lebron too

Fingers crossed, I could do with something to crash spotlights prices


I did not put this in my post but if no packs came on Friday would also be a good token update moment but predicting that could be like hitting the lottery.


We’re due for another Zion.


Legacy, Flash Packs, Token Update or Prime 2.

They have options.


Someone has to win the lottery…

He’s literally signed to 2k lol. We will get a PD and Opal Zion no doubt.

Hes coming back tomorrow so maybe even a Moments Zion soon. 2k will keep pumping out Zion cards.

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I just really think it’s to soon for prime 2, and don’t think legacy comes on a Friday haha that’s like Tuesday content not weekend content

Yeah but we haven’t got a Legacy set in a while and we usually get Spotlights on Friday but the Kids SL was Wednesday.

Wait what? He’s playing tomorrow ?

I can already see it, to commemorate his first NBA game, Pd Zion now in packs


Guessing flash packs tomorrow, legacy next Tuesday, and prime 2 next Friday.

Also we haven’t had legacy 2 supers so they could come at some point and we really really really need that token reward update soon


I think the legacy sets might be done, they weren’t a big seller so I think they have changed their tact, which is why we are now seeing spotlight earlier in the week


Last report I seen was the 10th but I just checked and he’s out tonight.

Any day now hes back.

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He has to go through a couple more practices I heard.

Possibly. They made a big deal about it in their blog. But yeah I know they didn’t sell well.

Prime Series II seems most likely. Been a couple of weeks since Tmac got released.

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They teased a legacy Tiny Archibald in the dev blog that we haven’t gotten yet. Feel like there will be a legacy III and then that will be it.

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Prime series 2 with a real Jordan this time feels like it’s coming soon. By this time last year we had PD Jordan for a bit already iirc