Tomorrow Is Finally the Day! (Advice?)

After 3+ week’s of my wife, irl friends, and you guys hearing me whine about not having the internet, Comcast is finally hooking me up tomorrow with the install… So basically, I get to play 2K19 online for the first time tomorrow. I’ve been able to play some offline Domination, Triple Threat, and Challenges, but no AH or online game modes. I have cards sitting in the AH ready to sell, and I have a little MT & coinage saved up.

Just kind of asking for a few tips for online play this year… basically, what freelances work online this year?, what works on offense and what doesn’t?, are people playing lots of out of position players?, etc.

I’m just pretty much clueless about this year’s online meta, so some help would be sweet AF. Oh, this is my lineup (thanks to some unbelievable pack luck with my preorder VC):

Thanks, guys!


You gotta run plays. Pick and fades work much better. Post game is legit. Try and pick up zbo. Has a good 3 rating and is a BEAST in the post. No blow by either. Ive been running small pgs the whole time. Although i havent been winning much. Im still competing in every game. More just cuz i can’t seem to get used to the gameplay more than my personel i think


Plays for sure on offense and on defense the biggest cheese so far is 5 out stop and go/ zig zag. People like to fake like they’re driving then they walk back for the 3. Other than that, smart basketball will win you 90% of games

find a few 3pt plays, get extremely familiar with your teams releases, and let it rain.

That Giannis at bench might get smoked by post players and their rebounding as well.

in this 2k, playing multiple non shooters against good opponents will result in death. Its impossible to play that LBJ and giannis together

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It’s an immediate gap defense for Giannis. I’m a bit more careful when playing Lebron because he will hit an occasional 3 if you let him get in a flow. Still makes it easy to sag of players and help in the post when these 2 are on the floor

Get you a good playbook and learn it. The middrange is alive this year take those when you can they fall most of the time especially if you can get in off a pick for an easy elbow J with CP3.

Does this look a little more 2K19 friendly?

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Four words: Hand down, man down.

Two more words to explain those four words: manual contest.


Haha… I noticed that game 1 of Domination lol. Triangle is a guaranteed bucket for the other team.

id probably drop that derozan for eddie jones if you have thhe tokens or even for isiah rider

Aldridge and Horford? Nah mayne, get someone like Larry Johnson and Hakeem if you can, will be much better, also Larry Bird over Tatum.


Defensive stopper badge is very important this year make sure your whole lineup have it. And pick up sapphire Jeffries!!! Start him at sf and match him up with James/Greek freak at Pg and it’s always a GG! Went 12-0 on my 2nd try cause of him. Good luck!

In contrast to others, I don’t think small ball isn’t viable this year. I am running Giannis at the 4 and 5 with no problems. This to say, that you don’t need twin towers, Giannis is more than fine. Just make sure to run a small ball 4 that can rebound a bit, like KD or Giannis and you’re fine.

Amy Lebron works too. Sapphire Lebron does not however, Ruby Bird is viable as well

I also played the preorder Lebron or Giannis as my bench PF in my 12-0 run. If u r good on D, Giannis is deadly on fast breaks, u need that.

I’ll definitely be doing a lot of lineup shuffling once I knock out the two online games to unlock the AH… those are just the cards I happened to get in packs. Durant, Bird, and Hakeem will be the first 3 cards I’m buying though for sure.

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seems like a few people want the card so I was planning on putting the Durant up for a bid tonight for 24 hrs. Does that work for you?

Hakeem and Bird are a must. I tried KD but switched to Melo. Post game improvements makes Melo that much more valuable offensively. I use Durant for Triple Threat. The one thing I would suggest is getting a top tier coach. This will make it a breeze going 12-0. I know some people found success running a team no higher than a 78 overall but I was still running into decent lineups using this strategy. A great coach and playbook with a balanced team is key. I ran this lineup with Casey and it wasn’t a challenge once I used Casey. I’m sure you don’t need him since others went 12-0 without and I went 10-0 before 2k bent me over with a disconnect but the games were a lot less sweaty with Casey.