Tokens - What to use them for?

I just jumped back into MyTeam after getting 2k23 a few days ago. The token reward setup looks a lot different than previous years, so what would you all suggest I use tokens on??

I’m not planning on aiming to get as many cards as possible, so any recommendations would be appreciated.

Not much to do with them. Best to save them so if you need to do an agenda with a player that you do not have a card for, it is easy to get them. Would not waste any for center piece trophies at this time.

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each set of jerseys in the token market locks for a hof badge

sets range from 100 to 150 tokens each and there are 4 of them

not the best deal but if you have a bunch of tokens it is not that bad either


Was gonna say same thing

Nice. That definitely helps. For whatever reason, the menus and rewards are super confusing to me this year - and I’ve played almost ever version since the OG 2k came out in 1999. I do like that there are a lot more off-line options this year though.