Tokens vs. MT

I could use some help to decide how I am going to move forward with MyTeam. I didn’t get the Anniversary edition and also am NMS. Obviously this puts me in a bind when it comes to MT and tokens. I am at a bit of a crossroads right now. I just finished the Amethyst rewards and also just reached 750 cards collected. I have almost no MT because it has been spent to collect what cards I can get. I also refuse to lock in any sets even though I have a couple complete because I don’t want to throw away the MT for a few tokens.

I understand why money spenders spent tons of money and MT to lock in those PD very early into the game this year. It clearly gave you a big advantage if you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on packs. However, I am slow grinding by playing the offline modes and just completed all time dom. I plan to play online at some point but that will probably be after Christmas since this is my 1st year playing and I honestly have never run a playbook, any real plays and don’t know how to do more than about 3 dribble moves.

The decision I need help with is deciding what tier of collector to get to before selling everything back for the MT. I figure getting to 1,000 at a minimum is a good idea since I will get 250 tokens which will get me a few diamond reward players. But my question is should that be the place to stop? It would take me at least a month to get up to 1,250 cards for AK47. By that time would he even be worth it? After 1,000 should I just cash out and buy players with MT since AK47 wouldn’t be such a great player with new cards that are dropped? As NMS I know there is almost no chance that I could ever collect enough cards to get to Wilt or Webber.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated because I keep going back and forth on this and would like others opinions on it.

AK47 is nice, but I agree that in a month or two fewer and fewer people will be using him. I’d probably stop at 1,000 (for perspective: I’m 47 cards from Webber).

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Thanks for the response, I just hate how 2k is getting us to keep our MT tied up to try and get these rewards.

You should be considering what cards you have will drop majorly in value, well before you’re able to make a run to get to AK47.

You can try to find mine and another post on prior cycles in Guides I think. I talk about how there always seems to be a rapid cratering of the market during December and usually culminating right before Xmas and the New Year. I assume they want to give easier entry for those who get game for Xmas.

This year is complicated because there is not only collector count value to all cards but also Token value to many or most. So there is more durability in value of the cheaper stuff I think. I.e. anything old should be worth, say, a few thousand, and not become sub 1000 just because it’s not desirable to play.

What you def should be looking, I think, is selling anything worth over 10K. Or maybe even over 5K.

I will go for AK47 and sell averything back once I achieve it, but build you collection with cheap cards and buy during pack drops to maximize your profit when it is time to sell. I sold all my good cards jsut to get there that meant no Amys or Diamonds and no Kerr or any other expensive coach once I got AK47 I repurchaced all the cards I wanted to keep and ended up with about 700k MT

This is the way to do it, if MT is precious.

I sold off most of the higher value cards I have and I was actually thinking about selling off anything worth more than 3k. The more I think about it what you say is very true, lower cards really can’t drop too much in value. I could turn the few cards I have worth 10-15k into many cheaper cards giving less of a chance for the value to drop and to reach the 1,000 collector level faster.

I am also a banker and it goes against my normal thought process to have all my funds tied up where none are liquid. It is like taking all the money I have and putting it into a CD that I can’t touch for a while.

The ones worth about 3K may stay there. Given that those should all be from expired packs. But if they’re Heat Checks, then I think those should go down. HC is weird because I don’t see why people would buy those packs in great amount, so maybe they end up rising in value, unless they make the boosts increasingly impressive.

Definitely sell off anything worth over 10K.

Try to do what you can to gather MT and wait for huge drop around Xmas. Try not be tempted by drops that might precede in the next 7 days or so.

It took me approx. 600K MT to get from 750 cards to 1250 this weekend. 90% of franchise cards were under 800MT.

I then targeted Heat Checks/Historics/Moments under 2,000 MT.

I won’t have any problem generating a profit on the sell back, I will be patient and sell nearly everything over what I paid.

AK47 is a monster, he has a park release. I get why everyone runs him now. Especially since he will be free or + MT when it is all said and done.

Thanks this gives me an idea of what it will take to go from where I am to AK, would definitely take me too long to get him needing 600k more.

Best analogy to CD’s would probably be stuff like the cheap cards which are easy to buy for peanuts when released.

But you’re already buying them. And they take too long to earn much, so not worth AH inventory space.

There are a handful of niches here and there that allow for good buys during drops and sale whenever price rises again. Evergreen. If you look at all card categories you can figure out some.

If you can deal with the tedium, you can sell all Currents when prices are high and even on the cheapest stuff, eke out 100-200 MT net profit compared to cost to rebuy during market crashes/pack drops.

Also I made most of my MT this year (millions) from Heat Check exclusively. Literally just buying low and selling high.

People still lock these sets all the time.

Just be patient selling back and you can generate huge profit.

The odds are different on each card, some cards have 40 up, some less than 3.