Tokens, locking in sets, etc?

So I have a bunch of MT but no tokens. Part of me wants to complete some sets so I can A) get collector level up and B) get tokens so I can eventually unlock the higher rewards. However the token rewards seem pretty crappy. So what’s the best way to acquire tokens, how important is it to lock sets to get more of them?

Basically it’s really stupid to lock sets to get tokens faster is what I’m guessing? Thoughts?

Side note, I already have a huge collection as I have been considering completing sets and going after the higher collector level, but I’m probably sitting on a MASSIVE amount of MT if I said ‘fuck it’ to collector level and the token rewards

Stay away from collector levels… don’t chase that dragon again lol.


I haven’t checked out many of the advice threads yet but I’m starting to wonder if the best strategy from tokens is: never lock anything in to get them, just spend the ones you get from playing the modes? Some rewards look fun but the cards in general don’t seem better than the pullable cards we can already get for reasonable prices

The best strategies are: If you want token players now and i mean Diamond and above: Clear all domination/collect 1000 cards.

If you dont care about those cards: do domination, maybe much slower, eventually you’ll be done with it.

Point is, 2k is a major fuck up, its only a time before they will put some PD’s and whatnot into that token market just to screw everyone that bought other much weaker cards for more in total.

I really won’t know until I can get online and have full access to everything, but it seems like maybe hanging on to the tokens for now and stockpiling them might be the best move. None of the rewards look end game to me, to be honest. I think cards will be insane in a couple months and we’re just seeing watered down cards now… I’m trying to find the balance between not making bad investments, and yet still having fun cards during the early side of the cycle to use for months and months.

But, I haven’t been able to play a single online game yet, so my whole thought process might be changed when I can finally get on Unlimited lol.

What I did was I bought all sapphires for under 1.5k and all emeralds for 750 mt. Some golds are cheap but complete dom first to get some. Hold out on silvers and bronzes because they are way to expensive as of now when their prices will go down

Why do you think the token rewards are crappy? This system is dope asf lol. There is amy Dirk, Diamond Carmelo, PD Pierce, Galaxy Opal Wilt… Those cards are good enough that you wouldn’t even need to buy a promo card for a while.

I saw someone saying last years Amy Pierce is better than this one. I’m just wondering at some point if pullable amethysts will be better than some of these rewards…

I wouldn’t be surprised if they added better tier rewards. I’m hoarding the tokens.

The only problem i can see is that they will put OP cards in token market for less then what you paid to get there (diamond players), like PD’s for 500 or whateva and thats that.

Ok well that’s understandable. It’s true the PD Pierce card’s ratings are nothing compared to last year. Last year was a dumpster fire on the ratings though. Every card had 15 Hof badges and 99 everything. This year ratings seems to be a bit more fair, but it’s still to early to tell how it will work out. That Diamond Carmelo looks good, Peja has no Hof badges, Pierce only has 84 dribble but he has Hof badges and good shooting.

I’ve just bought a solid ruby team with mt and kept my hands off the token rewards past sapphire bol. That way I can have my mt and tokens available for later while still having a good enough team to enjoy the gameplay.


How much do cards cost with tokens? I know that’s a stupid question, but like I’ve been complaining about for weeks, I’m without internet right now and can’t do shit in 2k until Tuesday lol. I know you have to buy 10 emeralds to unlock sapphires, 10 sapphires to unlock rubies, etc., but I have no clue how many tokens they cost lol.

Emerlads 3 each, sapphires 6 each, rubies 12 each

Go for 1000 cards for 250 tokens, dont lock in anyone and then resell everything. you’ll prob make profit and have free tokens

I am just pissed that you need 500 cards to make custom jerseys. Can anyone who already did all things for jerseys confirm if they have flops on the back like Nike jerseys or not?

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im gonna be in diamond market soon i want that melo, with the right coach hed be amazing

You finished domination? How you get soo many cards

Nah i didnt even finish 1st dom. I just hit 1000 cards today for 250 tokens. Just picked 6 amythests, gonna finish dom for more tokens and sell most my shit to lock collections

Nice I’m still trying to hit captain level. People spiked the prices soo much