Tokens locker code

Up to 25 available, you know I landed 5, haha


Nice Thanks

Thank you!

Got 5 smh

Much appreciation!

out of the last 5 codes I got every single time the worst spot, so…

I got 5.
10 and 25 were hard to get

I’m sure I’ll get one token

Lol it’s just 5 and 10 and 25

Lmao oh well five it is

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I got 25. 45 away from next opal now!


I said they were going to dropa token code :wink:

Thanks for posting!

i honestly feel like the minimum amount of tokens on these codes should be 50 and max like 250. at this point of the year, it makes sense


Who will you choose? Hahaha

Elgin just became a real threat also!!!

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I would have him if he had hof dimer.

I’m ok with my 2 guard not having Hof dimer, every other start of his it’s crazy, the only thing that made you wonder was height to contest

Got 25 and picked up PJ brown. Budget beast

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25 tokens!


Got 10, 98 to go! Still completely torn about who to go for.

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