Token update we need better small forwards

Token update we need better small forwards

Anyone else agree ?

What more do you want from SF

Bird DrJ KD Melo Barrett George Gay … I can name like 50 SFs. We need SGs PFs and Cs

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Read what I posted , “tOkEn”

I think we need another GO center in there, for sure. Like Mutumbo with a 3 pointer or something. And a GO Kevin Love or something.

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SMitH BaRrEtT aNd BeAsLeY


:joy::joy: Barrett is an L @ the 3

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Lies. Oh and Jonathan Isaac too while were at it


We do need more big men for sure but Tim Duncan and drob compared to an outdated grant hill

Isaac is a hidden pd

Lol Beasley then. Only need 2 SFs

Last jedi > new hope

Josh Smith is insane idk what game you’re playing

Oh your right I forgot about josh smith