Token Rewards David Robinson

I am thinking of redeeming D.Rob. What’s your experience with the card? is the animation good? and how’s the shooting since he was HoF steady shooter. Thank you!

He’d be the best center in the game if he didn’t have steady, simple. And even with steady his release is pretty good so you should be fine. IMO he’s a top 5 center in the game tho

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If you use your center for defense, rebounding, and inside scoring he is your man. Can take the occasional jumper if needed but if your offense is centered around pick and pop, there’s better options

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lol why people complaining bout steady shooter? I green evo Pippen and DRob all day.

Yea if you’re able to green steady doesn’t really matter. It more affects full white IMO

yeah if ur green with a release its actually probably better to have steady for contested shot boosts

Steady shooter hof is one of better badges in the game.
The problem is gold or less.

Imo he’s best with a speed with ball/ball control shoe, and you can give him slashing takeover pretty easily.

Offensively he’s no Hakeem or Shaq, but he’ll give you 75% of what they do, and defensively he honestly feels as good as a Shaq still. A really big player model and easy jumper to time.

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