Token Rewards Buy Now or is this ENDGAME

Just got 750 tkns, should I go and grab GO Lavine or will there be more tkn mkt rewards soon, should I hold or but this lavine to put next to my GO ROY

just wait bro. Some crazy shit always drops around this time

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If you’re a Lavine fan or like his cards normally, then go for it, the card is fun to use. However I would personally wait. He’s not the most well rounded card and I think another update will come later this month.


How many tokens last year for the perfect 99 Opals?

I’ll rather spend my tokens on packs…getting these cards are guaranteed shambles

Lavine is incredible offensively I’d recommend him to anyone. It might be another month before the next update

This is Zach off my bench all unlimited. Peep the 3pt volume and %


Might grab lavine, 600 cards away from 750 tkn collector lvl reward, save that for next reward update

Idk why ya always say “wait.” By the time these fools drop something you’ll have a month to play with that card.


There will be a joker GO reward for ya

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Give me GO Mchale w Range & I’m done

Keep in mind they will have a 99 everything Lebron, Jordan, and Kobe that will drop at some point that. Those ended up in the token market last year

When did those hit last year? Like July?

For those that say they will drop the perfect cards, the situation surrounding that was a little different. They had to entice people to lock everything to get those 3000 tokens. I’m not saying they won’t do the same, but at same time, to say that it might happen and hold onto tokens when there are cards you might want in the token market now might be a bad move as the game is pretty at end of cycle if and when they release those perfect token cards.

Not sure how others are doing, but I find it fairly easy to get tokens this year even without locking in sets. I was able to get back up to 500 tokens in 10 days after redeeming a bunch of cards to get AD.


I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to do it. Lavine and Roy together are DEADLY for me. Pull from anywhere

I’m in the same boat trying to decide if I wanna snag Beal and put him on the bench

2k doesn’t love me that much :sweat_smile:

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There was a locker code for up to 50 tokens, doesn’t that normally mean that an update is imminent?

Usually the codes are for max 10 tokens

Yeah IMO there’s rewards coming this week

Dunno if it’ll be tomorrow or Friday though

Time to start another token reward thread?

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Where did you see 50 tokens lol.