Token Reward Market Silliness

I am curious as to what other people do in these situations. I am currently at 1070 tokens. Today they released the pink diamond exp challenges and they require dropping 300 tokens on Bernard King and Jermaine O’Neal (already have Bobby Jones). Both of these cards are terrible and useless and, obviously, you cant sell them back.

So are you guys:
a) buying these cards because you want the exp and need to advance to the GO board anyway.
b) not buying these cards and saving your tokens cuz these cards suuuuuuuuck
c) buying these cards cuz you think 2k will eventually update them to make them more in line with what PD cards are now

This is one of those many “little things” that 2k just cant do right.

If you don’t have the tokens or don’t want the cards, save your tokens, we will be getting a lot more XP.

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I’m waiting until the final week of the season. If I’m in need of the XP, I’ll sink the cost just to wrap up Kawhi. But if it looks like I can do it without buying either, which was the case with Wade for me when they dropped PD XP last season, I’ll hold my tokens.

I already had all the PD rewards because you needed them to get GP

  1. I have 7/8 Pink Diamonds after redeeming Jermaine and Bernard, didn’t want them but will take the 3000 xp.

I have 1100 tokens atm so enough to get marques and a GO if I wanted, but I am saving til next season to grab one of the new PD and GO added

I only started playing 2k for the first time in April of last year. From past experience, do they ever update the sucky token market cards that are outdated? or do they just leave them sucky all year?

yes, I guess i can drop 300. Ill still have 700 left to buy the new PD they add next season.

Consider this, last year eventually they added old promo packs to the token market that were 6 tokens and you could average 1600 MT from them. So in that case, assuming the token market bears the same return on packs whenever they add them, using this tokens on players instead of hoarding them to liquidate later costs you:

PD player = 150 tokens = 40k MT value (+ the XP)
GO player = 750 tokens = 200k MT value (+ the XP)

Personally I’m not token hunting, just accumulating the tokens as I get them. Not going to fall for the trap of locking sets for tokens. I do want the XP, and I won’t be hurting for MT later on, so I’m just taking token players as I go along as I can afford them. Only have 6 amethysts right now (only started 1.5 weeks ago). Token reward players are never better than reasonably affordable auctionable players. And if they even are slightly better, if you wait 1-2 weeks there will be one, guaranteed.


They are pretty much sucky all year. Last year they added evos to Penny and DRob which made them usable late in the year, but that was LATE

Waiting until last 2 weeks to see if I even need these horrible pack market players. Only started playing myteam in late Nov so way behind as I still need 4 Amys to even clear that group.

But last year evos added badges, this year they haven’t really added badges, imagine you make it to GO Token market, get Payton, add 3 HOF badges to him, then later on they make an evo that gives him those badges for free.


Not worth getting those bums for just xp unless you’re already going for GO token players just redeem them

Which Diamond rewards cards have never had XP Challenges?
I’m about to buy my way to the Pink Diamond board so I’m trying to cover my bases for next season’s potential Diamond XP challenges.

They’ll likely stay trash. They always add new players that are much better tho

They’ll just release new diamond cards and release XP for those cards, same thing they did this season. They always release challenges for the least redeemed cards.

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I ended up saving tokens last year that were wasted. They never added the GOAT cards like I thought they would.

Save the tokens they might drop goat cards or do the thing they did last year with guaranteed packs

I think they found out how much money they can make by not doing that last year. People are still spending VC in 2K20 on the GOAT packs.


I am pretty sure all of the diamonds have already had challenges.

I am a grinder. I already have these cards plus the 3 opals plus 2,629 tokens. They are all garbage though except for Bobby Jones. His defense is ELITE.

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