Token Penny, Ja Morant, or TP

Aight y’all what’s the deal on these guys, leaning towards Penny now, how’s his shot and card after EVO ?

I wouldn’t touch any of the opal rewards besides derozan. Way outdated.


Penny’s shot is similar to Magic’s. Even after an Evo I ditched him as fast as I could.

Probably his only advantage is his height.

Save the tokens.

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I already got Derozan, but I rather use my tokens on a player because token market believers will never use them lol

How’s his dunking and defense ?

I would highly recommend waiting at this point. All of these guys are outdated and even if the final update is disappointing, we are almost certainly getting one and the cards will absolutely be better than these three

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If you’re dead set on picking one I would go Penny because TP is just a worse Opal Wade and you can get ~125k MT from the 750 tokens and I think Opal Wade is around that price? And Ja is a 6’3 PG with nothing special about his sigs or attributes or tendencies

Penny is at least a big PG but he still has a slow release and can be beat bad on defense. Wes Unseld is miles better and is like 25k I think

Highly highly recommend waiting it out

His dunking is decent, but nothing spectacular. And defense…uh, how do I put this. There are moments when he shines but usually he leaves you disappointed.

I remember I ditched him for glitched Wes Unseld and Wes was way better in every aspect of the game.

Anyway, I really really suggest to save the tokens, token market update should be coming soon and you’ll see players with 50+ HoF badges and etc.


If you’d spend 750 tokens on Lights Out packs and convert to MT you’d have 200k or so. Bet you can find a better PG on the AH for that.


morant cause no one runs him

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man it would be sick dominating with this Ja, like you said not a lot of people got him

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I have penny and he was in my lineup since December and only just got rid of him last month he’s a great card with the evo but I’d say to either get derozan (he’s basically t Mac ) or just wait and see if we get the token update we’re all waiting for

Buy packs. The players are outdated.

If he have a little of luck. Maybe reach 260k and adding a few mts more could buy Lamar Odom Glitched.That is clearly better than Penny in the game.

It’s the same shot like russel oop i think and the PD Penny - hard to get the exact timing. On russel it was smoother - i think because he’s taller - but still a struggle.
Well get Derozan that’s a Tmac with better defense badges.

I’ve bought I think 4 Opals in the Token Market and Ja is the only one I don’t regret. (Duncan, Beal, Josh Smith - huge regrets)

Do you offline grind at all? If so, you will LOVE Ja. If you only play online I’d go DeRozan or wait.

Oh and what other people said - liquidating for MT is the smartest thing to do. You could probably get Bill Walton Evo AND Blake Griffin Glitched for the MT you would get from Lights Out packs.

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Don’t do it… Really not worth your token unless you really like penny, ja and tp.

Really outdated and you can buy better with MT liquidated. PG Giannis is way much better for the MT Value, might aswell have Contracts and shoe with the liquidated MT

Don’t have Ja, but Penny and Parker definitely not worth it. PD Unseld or Opal Walton are better than them for under 100k. I still use Penny occasionally because he’s a favorite IRL but that’s the only reason.