Token Market?

Is the Token Market opened?

Nope opens tomorrow

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It opens tomorrow

Edit: damn Matt you’re fast. No wonder your MOTM


What all will be in the token market?

We are not sure yet. We will know more tomorrow

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Yeah slow down we don’t want you getting it 2 months in a row


Honestly I am hoping for some kind of pack. If I can liquidate at the same rate at last year (approx 250 MT per token) I’ll gladly grab my 600k and run


That’s what I’m hoping to do as well man. Sitting on a good chunk of tokens and would live to turn them into mt

Rolling sphere he has give him +20 acceleration & speed. @mattpoz

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Calling it- Gold Ty Lou in token market tomorrow.

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I’m too cracked

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I miss those Lights Out packs in 2k20. I was making so much MT off those packs. Peja was 30k, Durant was like 20k.


Couple we be getting the season 1 reward cards in the token market

I know there was a lot of effort required but Steph, Ewing et.c are worthless now.

I missed out on the vault cards and Bob Lanier from that season (stupid rng) and this would be a way to get them

I don’t think so. People who grounded for that Steph would be pissed that everyone can get him for like 140 tokens or something

Its finally OPEN!

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