Token market update?

this is the biggest stretch ever but recently they’ve been giving us locker codes with a potential to get 50, 40 on the weekly spin and a lot others. also, the past two weekly challenges gives us 15 each when only needing to play one game. idk I hope they are gonna give us the goat cards like last year cause I have 1800 tokens.

Would love to be able to get GOAT MJ from the token market


When they gave GOAT cards last year, did you have to unlock the pink diamonds and galaxy opal levels in the token market or they are a standalone? I’m hoping I won’t need to get the 8 pink diamond cards to unlock the galaxy opal cards and before exchanging for maybe another 3 galaxy opal cards to get a GOAT card. I don’t have enough tokens for that :frowning:

Nope wide open 1750 tokens


They are stand-alone, no need to complete the Pink diamonds. If I remember, it costs 1750 tokens. I got MJ last year.

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They trying to add those new “ player club” or so to distract us from what they SHOULD DO. Man we paid ridiculous high money onto those tokens lock-in reward, how dare they release even less cards or say less usable cards compared to 2K19? Totally scammer!

I’ve convinced myself it’s coming soon. I’m prepared to be disappointed but hopefully I can get something good.


This. Kobe too, nobody wants to do that insane grind.

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Can’t see it happening. Tokens are “free”, they already gave people a “free” way to get Kobe.

I’m predicting that the auctionable GOATs go into a set for an insane GOAT reward. There will be token reward versions of all the auctionable ones but they won’t go into the set. Similar to last year but with a set reward, the auctionable ones retain some value.

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You wont get Kobe there, people who grind it would set 2k offices on fire.

I just want to be like Mike with HOF QuickDraw :cry:

We are in the last stage of the game :sweat_smile:

According to Mr cartoon character voice HTB it’s coming today. Trust, he has sources…

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I’m praying for packs to be updated they haven’t been update since like march

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Last year the token update came a week after the draft promo. Expect a update next week


But it also came 2 weeks after auctionable LeBron GOAT dropped. They had 3 auctionable GOATs in total (LeBron, MJ, Kobe) that were all released within 1.5 months of the token versions dropping. This year we have only have auctionable MJ, Magic.

So if they are doing this at all like they did last year, there’s a few scenarios

A) They drop token GOATs only for Magic and MJ. This could happen ASAP. LeBron would be a reward.
B) They drop one more auctionable GOAT (LeBron) and then the three become token rewards. This probably delays token GOATs by another week or 2.
C) They drop MJ and Magic as token GOATs along with one or more unique players just as token rewards (Bill Russell, Wilt, Shaq, Oscar, etc). Could happen anytime
D) No token GOATs at all…

I have about 1000 tokens in sets waiting to be locked. They better give us something usable. I don’t want to see a 6ft tall Isiah Thomas

They are going to update the token Market as soon as I spend all 2500 of mine. Lol


For all you non-offline grinders, I wouldn’t be too upset if they finally released Kobe as a token reward at this point. I’ve enjoyed using him for the past 6 weeks or so.

Now for people that literally just finished grinding Kobe… :rage:

tbh i suspect it will be an entire new but non recent goat card e.g. wilt/bill russell/big O

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