Token Market Update Incoming?

So Idk where these supposed rumors are coming from but been seeing a lot of this. Today’s challenge is one free token after every triple threat win


Fake but nice card art.
Dirk got 2 opals already so definitely not him.
Last yr 6.28 was the day, lets see this week

I know it’s fake just saying people keep saying there’s lots of “rumors” about one coming soon. Big c richy mentioned it several times this week

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its not true until HTB posts a plug and then deletes the post. . :eyes: :eyes:


@Shirogohan5 said there will be a big update early this week. Don’t know if he was talking about token update

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If Dirk gets a GOAT card I will jizz my pants


Please 2K - got 3K tokens sitting.

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I regret getting penny and drob

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if only it really is 1150 for the goat cards XD …last year it was 1500 each for the 99s ?

hate to break it to u but. it was 1750

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guess more tto then lol…still need 90 to reach 1750…

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I am at 3096 tokens. If they do drop GOAT cards in the token market, i will grind my ass off to get 400 more tokens.

But since it’s 2K, i don’t think they will.

I’m at 2500 tokens. With how they’re drip feeding the ‘content’ to stretch the year out alongside NBA return I wouldn’t be surprised to see a normal token update this week and GOAT cards not until late July/August

1150 :joy: u be lucky if its under 2000 ea this year.

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Don’t ever trust big c richy. Ever. He has no inside scoop and is always wrong about everything


i think if they really drop goat cards, it wont be kareem mj or lebron this time…prolly some other names that wont sell packs that much …then again they give us larry bird for free this year lol …bird shld be able to move packs ?

I’ve seen so many folks sitting on 3000+ tokens this year, it sure would be a shame if 2K didn’t throw these GOAT cards in the Token Market.

Tbh though, being that Kareem is a lock in reward and Kobe and Bird are already “free”, it doesn’t make any sense that they would put the cards in there. Last year was different in that only 3 “GOAT” cards existed, this year we will likely have 5-8 or more.

Also 2K has a scope on exactly how many tokens are sitting on each account and what it would do to the game if everybody with the tokens added these cards to their team for “free”, it’s definitely not going to help their bottom line.

Should be interesting to say the least.


it has to be different cards so ppl would lock more sets to get more tokens to redeem them…if same card ppl will just use MT.

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Last year the all 99 token reward cards were in a different collection than the auctionable “signature limited” all 99s even though they were otherwise identical.

If 2k does release these cards in the token market, they very well may be in a different set than the GOAT set. This would help the auctioanble GOAT cards retain more of their value, especially if there is a desirable lock-in reward exclusive to the auctionable set.