Token Market Packs

Token Market Packs

If I’m going to spend 80 tokens on market packs, what’s going to make the most MT?


Edit: don’t open those!! But if you are, go newer promos

I have just over 100 tokens, and none of other PDs seem worthwhile to me, and even if I do redeem this last one to get to the opal board I have no idea how I’ll get 750 more tokens.

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The Lights Out packs are a bargain. Definitely worth opening if you have literally no other use for tokens. The coins add up

You might as well get the last PD man and just save for the opal or do sets

Especially for Zach or Timmy

For the record last year they started giving out 500-750 tokens for completing a set at end game to get whoever you wanted… so I wouldn’t waste tokens

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Do not. I repeat.

Do. Not. Open. Packs. With. Tokens.



Not everyone plans on making to the Opal board :joy::joy:

The token market is the only other option

Better than spending 100 tokens for sapphires

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RJ and Embiid are definitely worth 150 tokens each. They’ll be stars on most people’s squads.


Of course get the PD reward players that would make your team first but it’s only Embiid for me. I prefer Reddish over RJ. Isaac is also a beast

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I’ve heard they are both really good

I have both

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Find another way.

You could pull PD Davis/Magic sure or pull a bunch of worthless nonsense.

Wdym find another way? The token market opals suck and regardless I don’t have the time or dedication to get collect 1800 more tokens. Shocker?

Bruh all of them do not suck

I ain’t bouta do all that for a Josh Smith. Imagine

That josh Smith is broken… lmao

It took me 20 minutes to buy MT and cop Opal Tmac and I successfully run my offense through him lmfao