Token market opened

Hey I don’t think anyone talked about this but they added a bunch of badges in the token market. Range+blinder+D contract for 250 tokens, Showtime for 75 tokens and a few more, are you guys picking any of them up?

Still calculating… But I guess nobody knows for how long they are there?
Yesterday there was no counter for me

Still no counter. I grabbed the blinders/deep 3’s pack and posterizer. Weighing up the others and if they’ll be useful.

I’m looking at deadeye and slithery… Besides blinders, some guys are missing them.
Mutombo for example is missing slithery

Oh yeah I got deadeye too I forgot. Contemplating slithery.

Yeah, grabbed Deadeye and Slithery for Wilt, Blinders for Jimmy. I was stoked!

Grabbed the range for PG Giannis. Massive W.

I had a Giannis with everything needed but deadeye. Now he has 62 hofs :cold_face: shoots like Kobe.