Token market opal or MT conversion?

So I’ve been doing the lights out packs turning tokens into MT yesterday and today. I have just over 750 tokens left enough for one more opal from the market and somewhere in the range of 700K MT. I already bought Petit, JJJ, Bol and for the Navy brat in me The Admiral. Is there any other opals that are a can’t miss and still viable at endgame? I don’t know if I want to sit through another 125 lights out packs. What to do?

Mo Bamba should have been the second Opal you redeemed after 2Bol lol

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Mo Bamba is the best player you can get but there’s also Dino Radja who’s similar and is 25K MT.

I’d liquidate.

It was a toss up between JJJ Bamba and Collins. JJJ won out due to being highest in a few attributes.

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I have Dino but something about him just doesn’t mesh with me. He’s on my second team at the 4 with Curry at 5 and I honestly like Curry more.

Mo Bamba should have been the FIRST Token Opal you got. You won’t regret it.

I get that but I have so many bigs I don’t know what to do with all them. I think I decided against Mo due to his low shot IQ. Between Curry Dino Jokic Bam sometimes I still run oop AK47 and now Goat Dirk and Goat Duncan I wouldn’t know what to do with Mo.

Mo Bamba or Batum

It sucks that 2K gave us such shitty endgame options in regards to tokens.

Get bol bol or JJJ

I’m really thinking of going Batum over bol bol. Does anyone have both of them?

Sorry I don’t

Just think you can get middleton for 8k and that’s Batum only person like Bol Bol is Porzingis and hes 80k

I have both bolbol and batum. Depending on your needs, bolbol is elite, i would take him first. Then bamba or batum next. JJJ is also good, but not really fan of him, and there are lots of good cards in PF/C position (yao, kareem, duncan, wilt, shaq, hakeem, wiseman, dino, eddy, etc.)

when you’re turning tokens into MT are you just quickselling everything or putting some cards on auction?

quick selling is the fastest method at this late of the game. you can basically get 1500 mt’s for each lights out pack (6 tokens)

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I have about 800 tokens and I think Ima convert them.

I also have Prime 1 not locked and I’m gonna sell for the MT (dont need Ray).

150k MT (is what I have now)
190MT (rough conversion # from 800 tokens)
115k (rough prime1 #s)

Which will give me around 450k MT total.

I want the new Kawhi (I locked prime Kawhi) and Tmac. Think maybe TMac and just keep Prime Kawhi.

What do you fellas think?

Current Team

Yeah I am sitting at 400 tokens. I have TO Giannis, KP, Curry and Dino, Siakim and Zion. I don’t know if Bol or Mo are good enough to not just liquidate my tokens for MT for another PG/SG. Need to replace Walton.

I put up the contracts and bronze/silver players for auction but quick sell all the other junk. Every once in awhile I’ve gotten Durant or Peja which automatically adds 1500/3000 MT for quick sell.

I was thinking on liquidate tokens as well but I am just at one galaxy opal reward away of getting the achievement for 3 opal rewards which gets you the 150K so I am going to run away with Bol Bol and the bag

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I got that last week and that 150K helped finish getting some cards I needed to get to my goal of Sabonis. I have Bol and dude is a damn freak. He is real useful for me on both sides.

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