Token Market Concept?

Thinking about it, 2K likely won’t release any opals that are worth picking up for 750 tokens, especially considering the market is likely going to crash hard soon. To make spending tokens worth it, 2K should do something along the lines of this:

2K drops guaranteed opal packs in the token pack market. These packs cost roughly 400 tokens each, and include some of the top tier opals in packs, such as LeBron, KD, TMac etc., but also include some suck opals. Gives people a chance to cop some elite cards for pretty good value at this stage in the game. Perhaps they add extra opal packs which cost more tokens (say, 600), but you have a better chance of pulling a really good opal

It’s one of the only ways I can see 2K making a token market update worth it at this stage in the game. Thoughts?

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400 tokens to get opal Jeremy lin I’m good


I like this idea but at the same time 2K won’t drop guaranteed opal packs trust me

Ah, I remember when I used to come out with my own good ideas for the mode, then you realize that it’s for nothing and 2k ain’t listening to a damn thing you say. Sorry, continue your hypothetical discussion…


Having to gamble with tokens defeats the purpose IMO. They’re by far the hardest currency to acquire in game. Whatever they unlock should be guaranteed

tokens should guarantee a card of your choice.

there’s enough randomness in this game and mode already.


2k : more vc only superpacks, its what the fans want.

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Even if they did monthly updates. Update the token market and add players when the POTM is released every month. Although I will admit I would miss the token speculation threads on here.


Horrible idea.

Knowing 2k you’d spend 2000 tokens to get 5 Nash or Caruso cards.

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I’d probably suggest that you’d have a pretty much guaranteed chance of getting a LeBron-type opal if you spend 600 tokens, for instance. That’s the way you could make it worth it

Could make a solid 300k MT from 600 tokens in that regard, compared to making roughly 300k from 1800 tokens by spending them on Lights Out packs