Token hill still running strong in my lineup

Over 600 games in. What to do, what to do? Is new one that much better?

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It definitely looks that way

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New one is wayyyy better from stats to badges


For years, I have never really liked Grant Hill cards, and I’ve had them all. Not sure why. This new PD looks like the best one yet…

I’m going to run the new Hill

So excited lol

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It’s certainly an upgrade in the badge and shooting department. I’m 400+ games in with mine as well. Pretty much depends on your virtual means. If you’re able to get him, I certainly would

New one looks so nice (badges and stats). Really glad I picked Ewing instead of Hill two days ago.

New one looks insane, and shouldn’t be too expensive due to there being a massive supply of him

Any ideas on what his price will settle at? I’ve been saving up waiting for a new wing to upgrade my squad

I don’t think I will upgrade… The biggest improvements are in 3pt, rebounding and strength. I don’t shoot many 3s with Hill since he’s often handling the ball and since I run him @SG I don’t need a great rebounding or strength.

+8 hof badges are huge, but my Hill is free.

new hill is crazy good

hof dimer, catch & shoot, difficult shots, d stopper, pick pocket well worth the upgrade but if you don’t have coin to spare then whatever

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