Token Help

I want to get tokens and redeem one Opal reward, I Am only on the third reward section still need to unlock the rest, I don’t have any sets locked except Shaq, let me know the best and fastest way I can get to unlock my first opal token reward

Locking sets

Lock draft and ultimate sets

And complete domination if you haven’t

That is fastest route


Bro you going be grinding a lot it’s going to take 2520 tokens plus another 750 for the opal you want might as well get the limited cards

Is it worth it? 2k20 is just round the corner. Pretty sure we will have tokens rewards too.

Domination is cool but it takes so long, triple threat may be a better option if you wanna get the most tokens in the smallest time. But my question would be why do you want to get a opal reward?

It’s less than a month left and basically every opal has a equal or better card in the market except the limiteds. If youre in the third tier of rewards (ruby) you would need 3150 tokens to get a regular opal. That’s a lot of mt and sets lol

It’s the same grind regardless though right? Plus less token reward options for a while if you go the 2k20 route and it’s not a given they have token rewards.

You end up getting Trae?

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Nah still out bid. Put a bid of 495 before I left for work

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I think at this point it is not worth it. But you can do whatever you want. Grinding to get GO rewards when there are better cards on AH? :confused:

Just Get Limited MJ 1,750 Tokens

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hope they release more sets to lock for tokens, I want Frazier and Drexler so deadly

Content is done for 2k19

obviously man, as far as i know tto board not juicy rn, all i could do is triple threat offline which is soooo boring

You may as well do online for the comp and potential big token gains. Plus packs

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You’ll get lucky eventually I got couple duo packs I got Kyrie and diamond Richie and couple 48 token slots