Token Grind, Offline Triple Threat Tips?

Anyone got any small secret tips to have these games flying by? We just chucking limitless range threes and letting the CPU score to make them go by fast?

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Post up on mismatches on top of shooting limitless 3s with brandoy roy or any shooter you like. Also having diamond shoes and contract on said players

Turn off cut scene scenes… thought was schedule games

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Tall players who can shoot

Call a screen. CPU will go under every time then you are left open for a 3.

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Put your best defender at Pg and reach all game on the ball handler. You can’t foul out

HOF Dimer + HOF Limitless, CS and DR

Play online
I been averaging about 12 tokens every 5 games

I’ve played plenty of online, never get any tokens lol


Try this. I still use this offline haha

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Lol dudes were hating but that shit works 100%


GOAT method. Thanks.

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Porzingod or Sabonis & 2 players under 7’3” of your choice. Call a screen for Porzingod/Sabonis & drain the 3. Go for the rush steal before they cross half court, if you miss it, let them score. Rinse & repeat.

as i mentioned in another thread this works since emerald mo pete…
before inbounding cross till almost half court, pass to him, open 3, every. single. time.
no HOF needed, no screener needed, just cross

How many tokens are people averaging per hour on offline? I’m guessing most people can get at least 2 runs in.

I do a board clear in like 26 minutes while watching TV.

Use Amy KP at your C and make him ball handler and call a screen, CPU goes under every time, then splash, easy.

Run your best shooter and if you have then two guys w/ HOF Brick Wall run them also. Call for a screen at the top of the key, and when they get caught / sag under shoot a wide open 3. Been clearing these boards really quickly lately by doing this.

Much easier to shoot with C off big man PnR trust me.

They are programmed to literally go under the screen every single time or something.

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This is the method. Amy Kp, Sabonis, etc. Just call for a screen and pop when they go under.

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It probably is, but I don’t usually run shooting centers. Ive been knocking them out in about 20 minutes though I’d love to speed it up. Who do you usually run using that method?