Token Grind, not spending money, and the End Game

Here I am, essentially cashed out, without a single auctionable player, with what feels like a reasonable competetive squad. I have no MT, 130 tokens, and no desire to spend another penny on the game.

I guess Veronica is the next step? I haven’t had the time to set it up, but with pullable opals beginning to drop I will definitely have the urge to rip and that seems like the only way to do it.

Then there’s the token grind. At this phase of the game I just don’t want to spend hours and hours grinding offline Triple Threat. But I can’t see any way to organically play the game and expect to hit 750 tokens, like whatsoever. I’m almost to Ewing. Should I snag him and then call it a wrap for 2K19 tokens?

Just need a sense of direction that does not involve spending any money. Thanks guys!


Can you go 12-0 easily in MTU? What modes do you enjoy playing?

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I can go 12-0 with my actual squad but it takes a few tries. I’m probably 10-2 mostly. I can go 12-0 in a few hours if I take the cheesy route.

Honestly I enjoy TTO in spurts and I like MTU primarily but I don’t want to grind like crazy, just play a few games here and there. It just doesn’t reward you at all if you don’t grind like crazy, either through TT offline or cheesy MTU

Veronica & Sniping

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Both things require patience. Guess I need to work on that. lol

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I am not good at sniping so I only do veronica

At this point in the game I would personally just do what you enjoy which seems to be MTU with spurts of TTO mixed in. That is what I’m currently doing, and while it may not be “optimal” in terms of making MT or tokens, I actually enjoy my time which is the important thing since we are playing a game after all.

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This isnt popular but before I knew you could just buy MT I always got like 5 guys with diamond contracts and run through Dom games again.

Easy 1200 per game. And you can practice freelances, plays, wacky line up combos, etc which I still do.

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5 on 5 offline is probably a more enjoyable grind than triple threat offline but now I’m wondering, if it’s strictly grinding for MT, is offline TT better? I can’t remember how much you get from the actual game (I know there are random 200/300 MT ball drops). But even if it’s 300 MT per game, at 5 minutes a pop, that’s 12 games per hour, and let’s say 3 of those you get the ball drop for an average of 225 MT…

12 x 300 = 3600
3 x 225 = 675
Total Triple Threat Offline MT per hour: 4,275

Way more than replaying Domination which is maybe 2400 per hour. Speaking strictly in terms of MT generation.

So that’s 23 hours to grind for 100k MT along with the 14 tokens per hour (which, by the way, those 23 hours get you close to half of the tokens needed for a GO). Unless I’m totally overestimating that you make 300 MT from a TT offline game. Seems to still be the most consistently rewarding game mode.

TTO can be rewarding but you can also go a whole board with only a few thousand MT to show for it, and zero tokens.


Get a friend and bronze glitch, do it once a day in two weeks you’ll have an opal

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TTO is without a doubt the most rewarding game mode rewards wise and its not even close.

500MT per game + the ball drops which can be MT spots that are 200 - 1000mt, badges, diamond consumables, and up to 10 tokens. All that adds up pretty quickly. I pulled my 4th pair of Kobe AD mids yesterday and a handful of tokens

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It’s just incredibly inconsistent - a couple weeks ago I did three boards and only got 3 tokens out of it, no diamond packs, a few League Moments packs which are empty and you’re lucky if you get 1,000 MT out of it. Sure you can get great pulls from diamond packs or even pull a PD Melo out of a Madness pack (0.0000001% chance) but you’re guaranteed nothing outside of about 500 MT per game. And they are a lot longer minutes-wise than offline. But I do enjoy online competition, and the occasional nice ball drop, but whenever I specifically want to grind for tokens or MT I never seem to get anything worthwhile.

If you win all 10 games you get 28 ball drops. At the very worst you get 200 MT per ball drop that would net to 5600MT + another 5000MT from the in game MT. So at the very worst you get over 10kMT and at the very best you can get much much more than that in MT and tokens

You earn over a token per game on TT offline and they’re 3 minute games. 24 tokens per hour is more than I get on 3 TT online boards lol

What would you say is your average board run in TTO? I think it’s over an hour?

What is Veronica ?

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If you’re mainly looking to grind mt tto is undoubtedly more rewarding based on the ball drops, worst case scenario you get more mt…for tokens it’s ttoffline (unless you have a friend with another console that lives in the same house as you)

For real wtf is this veronica shit I’ve been seeing all over this board the past day or two

Someone that gives you
15KVC per my career player at the least

Technique to grind out VC using MyCareer.