Today's event?

We don’t know today’s event and I think it’s kind strange cause that usually is on fridays…
What you guys think it will be?

Btw, sorry for my english, I can understand quite well but it’s difficult to me to express myself

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“New” vault content

Its offline tto, its always like that when they update the board


Something big is coming tonight.


I hope i could express myself :cold_face:

Ouch! Thanks guys, didnt realize current vault ends today

Token market confirmed


Definitely the vault

Feel like superpacks are coming too

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Yeah EVO Superpacks likely are finishing the EVO’s for the year and then the Vault is the event today

I’ve felt like that since Monday lol

I feel like whenever I’ve seen you say this you’re spot on lol. Maybe I’m tripping.

I just want something to do with no content I’ve not been on at all

Super packs not coming, Ronnie confrimed on stream last night goat packs coming Friday

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What exactly did he say? I recall him saying “hopefully we get some new GOATs” which is far from GOAT packs confirmed

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Dang, I was hoping to get Mel from the vault. Would be one easily obtainable reward cards I would definitely try out. Been getting tokens only.

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That’s his way of not spoiling anything imo. He knows whats coming

He’s pretty good but obviously outdated. If you were running an all-rewards lineup he could probably handle bench PF nicely. He’s a good slasher at PF

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Well I assumed from that the packs coming I kinda don’t want them to drag this shit out

Yeah Mel Daniels is a beast but definitely outdated lol