Today is anniversary of Kobe reverse dunk on Yao!

I’m sure Yao is a good sport about it! Yao has some great highlights of his own. We miss you Kobe . It’s been 14 years since that awesome 53 point performance !


@YaoMing im sorry

@YaoMing where u at bro

Hes probably watching the replay of the game on espn classics

And weeping

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Don’t forget the pass to himself off the glass directly in Yao’s Face too lol.


Why Kobe always trying to show out on Yao lol

Little man complex? Lol

My peers,

Kobe was a dear friend of mine off of the court and a fierce competitor on it. He will forever be missed. However, I have no recollection of him dunking on me. I believe that this clip is propaganda in video form. Or maybe I am just choosing not to recall it. Nonetheless, R.I.P Kobe.

-Yao Ming


Nice reply Yao. I understand you not wanting to recall it lol. Dont feel bad, kobe dunked on everyone lol. Yes he will forever be missed. I watched all laker games so I can confirm it isnt video propaganda. That day doesnt take away anything you contributed during your career. Please dont take it as a knock against you. As you said “fierce competitor.” I’ve destroyed some of my best friends in certain games we play and they still love me the same!

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I think Kobe was always trying to show out in general lmao.

There’s clips of him embarrassing EVERY top big man and wing defender for a decade

Or like in that clip usually both. (Battier and Yao)

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It’s normal to block traumatic memories.

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Yeah, but 2 iconic plays on one person, come on man

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Look up his plays on Timmy Duncan lol.

He had at least 10 highlight WTF moments directly on him and Robinson in 2001 in one series alone.

Ok I will

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I think Kobe third to only Bron and MJ

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Listen to the commentators LOL.

He posters TD AND Robinson multiple times in this game lmao. At the same time even.

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Thanks for sharing this. Watched entire video

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Black Mamba :muscle:

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God Kobe was a savage