Today is a sad day

So today I was scammed for the first time. Clearly not in this group. This happened in one facebbok group. The man wrote that he wants to buy MT. I told him I never started the first one, but not this time … He asked if I could sell 200k. I agreed. He auctioned two players. I bought the first one and asked him to send me a half amount of money but he said:
I’ll send $ 50 when you buy my last card that we agreed to. Bro nothing your legit making this harder once I see Paul George is bought I’m sending money ASAP. We could have done your just over thinking and making it seem like I’m not gonna send $ 50 that I am. Why should I not send money in a scamming video game dude lol just buy a card so I can send payment for 2 cards. Your making it way harder just letting you know. Because if I send $ 25 Right it will actually be more because it converts currency’s. So just sending all at once will save me a lil, even though I’m paying more because of it. Just buy PG so I can send the full amount and be done with this. When I bought the second player, he blocked me.
Be carefull! And sorry for my english :slight_smile:

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Yeah that sucks but also was pretty silly. I feel like it’s obvious he was scamming after promising to pay half after the first card and then coming up with a sudden excuse. Better than the sorry ass excuse of, “my bad, I accidentally started a game…”

I feel bad for you bro, he will have his karma. Hopefully 2K will Ban him.

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Yeah i know thats is my fault.

People are the worst. Sorry to hear that homie. Hold your head up and be proud that you’re not scum like they are


If i had have seen this before i off loaded my last 100k i would have given you 50k bro, sorry to hear

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At least you just lost virtual coins and not real money. You probably learned a valuable lesson not to trust anyone on the internet. Hope all works out & he gets what’s coming to him.

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apreciate man. But i still have decent amount of coins so i’l be ok