To those who went 12-0 and got Finley

How was your experience during the run? Was it sweaty for you? Easy?

I was able to breeze to Finley more easily than i expected. I think its because i always ran actual offenses every year i play 2K…so my efficiency was way up there. It’s definitely the way to go. My opponents were just running around getting pushed back and trying to do PnR.

Loving the gameplay in this game so far. 2K really outdid themselves. If you want to run some good offense, i suggest you check out the Series offenses that Da Czar added this year. I went 12-0 by running that almost exclusively. Didn’t even need to use my playbook much at all. Very helpful for when the playbook glitch hits you.


Just got him. Overall I must say it was a little bit sweaty, cause I was matched up with couple really good players earlier in the day (I’m from Europe), with bunch of amethyst players (one had 6 or 7, against my 2). So I lost 3 or 4 games and I was kicked out once because 2k servers… But later, at night, it was very easy. So it depends on the time of day and opponents. But yeah, I’m loving this gameplay too. Finally some 2k game for sim players. I haven’t tried these series yet though, was using my playbook all the time. Wanted to get Finley as soon as possible. Now I can grind domination and test them out.

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3 of the games was compeetative, last one i won by 4 while i was down 2 with one minute left, thought ill lose for sure but KD pulled one for ke.

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It was a breeze but I’m sure you all know why lol. I got a lot of rage quits and 7 ppl over fouled in the first half

You on Xbox?

I did it on my first try, no game was closer than 20 points.

At this point it’s less challenging than getting PD Duncan on 2k17 and way less challenging than the Supermax gameplay last year.

I would expect it to be easy this month especially starting on release day, but it’s going to get harder when people figure out the exploits later on.


PlayStation. Having fun with the cheesers from last year. Im getting an x. Just got a 4k ultra so I wanna see the difference

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Easier than last year supermax.
This year myteam seems better. Just to soon to see full diamond teams

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Pd Duncan was a bitch lol they quit? You gotta pray you didnt get the loss…

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Just beat some guy who said he lost his 11-0 run. I wish I could share the voice messages he’s sending me LOL. Calling me a cheeser for running plays. People just cannot take an L on this game anymore. No matter what you do they will say you cheese.


Everyone im playing knows the magic playbook already loolll wheres the nubs

On thr 12-0 run I made to have Finley, no games were really competitive. The smallest lead I has when I finished a game was +14 points I think

Faced up 2K18 cheesers that were completely lost and budget team that quit pretty quickly

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last 5 games of unlimitsweat i played with FA lebron on PG