To those who have GOAT WILT

Hey guys what shoe do you guys have on wilt?
I need the shoe to boost these attributes or close 2. If there’s already a thread lmk I couldn’t find one for this topic. Cheers guys!

Ball handle 97 steal 97 speed with ball 97 lateral quickness 97


The black and silver fear of gods give

Ball Control
3 ball

Pretty much the 1 shoe i give to all my bigs

Doesn’t that shoe go for like 40k? :rofl:

Jordan ball handle and speed w ball. I run pop so he gets d boosts.

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No idea. But you can get 40k within a few hours of TTO Online or curry/bird/kobe challanges.

I got a lot of mt was just asking but alright thanks :100::blush:

Alright cool thanks!

I just put those cheap Jordans that boost steal, lat quickness, and pass perception. Already have GOAT Kareem so I’m mainly using GOAT Wilt as a defensive monster.

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I’ve put the dame 3’s on him - slashing takeover with Malone. May be placebo but if anything I’m boosting speed with ball - his tween with that is just better

If u have goat wilt 40k definitely isn’t an issue

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Yeah no I was just confirming if that was the shoe prices are way up even on the crappy diamond shoes so I just bought the KD 13 I like those on him so yeah

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