To those who have GO giannis

How did you do your sell off? How did you base ur price for each card? Is there a better way to sell off besides checking the auction house for the price of each? Is the 2klab price index reliable?

For the heatcheck,throwback regs i did it thru the collection tab and went 1 by 1 easier when i dont have to type the names in

so id have microsoft word open and write all the players down and look them up in the collections and put the sell value beside their name its a lot of work

for the premiums just look em up get the best value

for like amy moments and shit i just threw em up for bid

I don’t have the patience so most of them are starting on a 500 bid. :joy:

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check prices one by one. it takes time but you get more MT

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Yup send to ah and search for card from collections. Prices fluctuate so better to check to make sure you get max value

I locked current collection and heatchecks. Now i kinda feel good about it so i dont have to check and sell them on by one.

But i think i’ll try this to any diamond and up

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Lol yeah was so tempted to this haha lets see how long my patience last

How do u price the cards? Near the lowest bin?

lol me too i have all throwbacks,heatcheck, and current locked so i didnt have much to sell back ive sold back for a few ppl here so im use to it

I literally am 111 cards away and just wanna say fuck it and sell away

Better checks HC’s prices one by one, as their fluctuates even in a week span.

First sell cards that are missing in AH, don’t cut a prices.
Same card selling for 3k can be easy sold for 9k next week.

We have 400+ HC’s, if you manage them smart the profit diff might be huge.

You got this bro don’t do it he is very worth it man

One by one bro.
I have a notepad for their price.

Card -> Send to Auctions -> Search price via collection -> Post 4 hours

appreciate the motivation which is why I havnt sold back yet… just feel like it’s taking forever

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Last 111 cards would set you back maybe 1.2 - 1.6 mil. Depending on what u have locked.

I’m keeping everything. I only sell duplicates.

i am selling team by team
just click on the card to search after u send them to the auction house and then u would know the price easily
i always sell as the lowest price and then all cards will go easily and quickly
i dont care about the minimal mt i lost in auction i just want to get mt back as soon as possible

I sold back before the Throwback Super packs, which was my goal, and made bank. Prices are so damn low know.

Yeah they are. Wouldnt have made it to giannis without the super packs. Cant get myself to do sched mode. Had to buy my way through giannis

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I literally made a list of pink diamond solder first 50 of them searched prices one by one and attached the price to the list and sold them at the prices I decided Sometimes under market value to sell fast and if it wasn’t worth it then quick sale