To those not getting Diamond Magic how are we defending him?

Looking at my current line up and players I have my best bet seems to be letting HC Giannis guard Magic and letting my SG guard the SF and my PG guard the 2. My 1-3 all have clamps.

Dig on post should be a nice wrinkle.

Moderate-Moderate. (Maybe even Gap-Moderate)?

Double on Drives?

Whats the gameplan? Would be a lot easier without position locks lol

Or is there no hope?

Shai has decent defense and is 6’6"


If I was a real asshole, I would space the floor in 5 out with good shooters, and post up with Magic every play.

Key to not getting cheesed by Magic is making sure the player defending him has good perimeter AND interior defense.

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Jojo White? Lol. Still short but he could get a few stops every now and then.

I would’ve been grabbed him but I was thinking theyd make his 94 Interior D like a 64 in an update.

He’s solid but no Clamps. I’d sacrifice some interior D for Clamps.

Gotta give and take, as I don’t think there’s anyone out yet with good post D and Clamps.

Oscar Robertson should be a great counter whenever he drops.


Aren’t we 2 spotlight players away from getting Magic? I cant wait!

Nope 1

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Aerial snipers


clamps sg
clamps sf

switch the sf onto magic
switch shai on the sg or smallest wing prosper

also with the buff to interior defense im def not scared of magic


id most likely go

Danny Green

switch Xman on Magic

JOHN MOTHER FUCKING STOCKTON LOL seriously tho. Hof clamps. Id just spam steal if they try to back me down. Make him shoot those free throws. And double. But tbh it’ll be tough

Reggie Theus Amy is 6 7. But setting your defender as a larger 2 or 3 on magic then putting your pg on the 2 and going from there is probably the best bet. Just.change the matchups. .or still run a zone.

Running a zone doesn’t really matter how big the dude is

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Klay for me :man_shrugging:t5: Gets red contests all the time

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Reggie Theus?

hell no

he will get clamped on offense

Ugh. I think I’ve only done SL Dirk through the game for which one gets Ruby Payton.

Still need to get DI LeBron and AM T-Mac. I guess maybe I should buy before prices maybe goes up?

Put Heat Check Giannis with 96 perimeter defense on Magic, put Moncrief on SG and Tmac on SF, prosper

If Diamond Magic is anything like the Amy there’s no way Stockton, Moncrief, SGA, MRR or Theus can guard him imho. Moncrief and Stockton are too small. If SGA or MRR had hof clamps they’d have a chance. Theus is too slow

What does HC Giannis have for Post-Move Lockdown and Intimidator? I think AM Giannis has those at Bronze and Silver.

Also: curious to see if 2K messes up and allows one to play dupe Magics…DI at PG and AM at C.

Battier will probably hold his own on Magic

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Getting him when the weekends over I’m glad I kept up with the challenges lol

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