To play SG? Iguodala or Pg?

I have Oscar at 1, grange at 3, PD Giannis at 4 and PD KAt at 5.

Should I get diamond PG or Iguodala at 2?

PG. Iggy is best at the 1 IMO.


Damn you got PD Kat? Was it from the locker code?


PD Kat from ronnie2K

My friend got Pd kaj and pd Magic from ronnie because ronnie messed up on his stream lol.

So lucky.

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Hahaha wow ronnie should mess up my PD Giannis and Give me a GO Giannis hahaha

He won a stream giveaway and ronnie gave him the wrong card, so he just gave him both lmao.

Meanwhile I sniped so hard to get mine. Some people…


Hahahaha some people are just lucky bro.

Damn bro I mistyped lol it is PD KAJ