To people who sold / bought MT

Do you guys feel like you can’t win shit? I can’t make wide open shots, can’t rebound. Whatever I do I still end up losing. My pack odds are also trash. I’ve never pulled a PD, and maybe got like 2 diamonds the whole year. I feel like my account was flagged or something and the game basically want’s me to lose. I’ve sold tons of mt through the year, so yeah.
Anyone else?

Lol no, that’s just you man.

That’s really tough lol. I also can’t get any bump steals while I’m losing the ball all the time…

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My pack odds been trash since i opened a ticket about a sub glitcher 2 months ago.

I bought so much VC this year, but I will say I’ve pulled a ton of good cards.

Nah man if they know you’re banned

I’ve been PD Tier the last few rounds. So nope.

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Nope lol when I used to 5-out and had 80% FG 50% from 3 def did not feel that. Now as a magic playbook cheeser I still dont feel it. Once in a blue moon i get that equalizer game like last night i shot 3/22 from the field in 3rd qtr open shots / layups

Played better after I sold mt and downgraded my team still only win 50% though

lol take a break dude, this shit sounds crazy conspiratorial